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Half-timbered has a long and interesting history, many varieties, styles and design features. On the principle of half-timbered built rural and urban homes in France and Germany. On the principle of half-timbered built ancient and modern chalets, as well as fairly large town houses, which were built in the 14-16th century, and which can still be seen on the streets of European cities. Simply put, half-timbered wood is the type of construction where the beams that hold the building play a major structural role.

The walls of half-timbered walls can be made of any material, such as brick, solid wood and siding. All this allows you to quickly and efficiently build a very elegant, spectacular and environmentally friendly building of any purpose. The advantages of half-timbered construction are that the technology of its construction allows you not to wait for shrinkage and make walls of any material, usually modern half-timbered buildings with huge panoramic windows, which, thanks to the latest technologies, not only allow you to admire the surrounding landscape, but also effectively save warm in winter, and cool in hot months. Thanks to the use of half-timbered technology, it is possible to build a refined home with high ceilings, large windows, all the benefits of natural eco-friendly materials in no time, and not have to worry about high heating costs.